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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Banks peninsula

Banks Peninsula.

Banks Peninsula was once an island.  Maori myths and legends are in the caves on the side of cliff in banks peninsula. Great white sharks visit in the summer.

Banks Peninsula became tied to the canterbury plains middle of the east Coast of the South Island. there is more rain and less frost at the Canterbury Plains.

three successive phases of Maori tribe settlement Took place on the Peninsula. Waitaha were the first settlers, followed by kati mamoe, and then ngai Tahu took over in the 17th century.

The crew of captain James cook became the first Europeans to sight the Peninsula he came on a very large sail ship.

The two volcanoes were active more than 250,000 years before christ. Akaroa is the largest volcano the highest point is mount Herbert that looks over lyttelton harbour.

Yellow eyed penguins live down on the bay. In 40 to 50 years time the yellow eyed penguin might become extinct. scientist are trying to find what will make the penguin extinct.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Science journal 23.5.2017
      Week one: sliming mr anderson with slime. In the morning on Tuesday miss Smith had a bucket of slime in her hands. We went to the hall there was about 3 people from each class on the stage waiting to slime mr Anderson .When it was our classes turn the slime was coming out of the bucket very slowly. It looked gooey,green,light blue and looked very sticky .

Week two: Balloon rocket.We are learning about forces acting on the wool string. My observation of my balloon rocket was very cool ,because the balloon on the wool was swirling around like a monkey . The balloon was also going slow I think it was ,because of the thickness of the wool string.

Week three:Balloon rocket.This time when I did my balloon rocket I had fishing wire instead of wool string. The fishing wire had a different effect, on the balloon because the fishing wire was not as thick as the wool string. The balloon was going very fast and making a fart noise ,I think it was because the air was coming out fast of the thrust on the balloon.

Monday, 10 April 2017


Inquiry reflection.
In He tangata, this year we have been focusing on being a responsible citizen. My inquiry project was to teach people cricket skills and games.
I think I am relational because when I was teaching other students skills, I had many ideas on how to teach them and what skills.
I'm proud of my inquiry project because I was teaching them skills and having fun at the same time.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Responsible citizen.

  Responsible citizen.
I think that I am a responsible citizen because I can do things
without being asked.
I can also help younger people than me by telling them
the right thing to do.
And if someone had a problem I would help them out.
I can move things to
the right place, listen, take my time on doing things and
think. Those things
I have said are why I am a responsible citizen.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Clash royale

What do I Work Hard At.

I work hard at Clash Royale.

After school I play on my ipad. I play a game called clash royale. I'm looking, touching, playing and concentrating.
I feel great playing the game because I'm working hard at it and having so much fun.
I also love playing this game with my friends. If I'm ready before school sometimes I get to play it in the morning. This game is about strategy so I help my brother most times.

Ko Kingston ahau

I am a extremely fast drift trike, skidding through the roads learning new things  on the way.

I am a big black and white house doing my homework.

I am a picture with different coloured designs because I like drawing.

I am a juicy apple dripping with flavour because I am passionate about my learning.

I am a McDonald's cheeseburger, exploring new mouths.

I am a pair of shoes always ready to go.

Ko Kingston ahau.